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TOPIC: A Recent Prophesy

A Recent Prophesy 9 months 1 week ago #13136

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This is a recent prophesy from a Messianic Israeli posted by Lyn Leahz ( )
This was translated from Spanish, so some things are worded oddly. See what you think about what it says..

"This is the word that Elohim gave on the eve of the day of Yahweh.

Warning to the USA: Because in your arrogance to the sky you raised eagles wings, now down to the ashes you will descend, humbled and to shame. Power and leadership is taken away by arrogance.

To the USA: Because you are blind for swallowing the lies of your rulers who serve Baal for sacrifices and you sit on the blood of millions of children, now you will see and you will cry. For another more fearful and strong than you will feel feel about your families, crushing and splashing your blood like the grape at the time of vintage. For centuries the hidden worshipers of Baal have ruled hidden to the naked eye. The ordering of abortions and abductions of millions of poor. Now the great empire of the north (north of Israel) comes to crush and burn your infidel families.

To the USA: Because you rejected my calendar and its countdown with my signals for appointed times to receive me, and thus changed my holy mystery for the mystery of perversion, abomination and chose to follow the imposter, the man without Torah, that is the lawless one, the antichrist. You received him and not my son. Now you will fall with the fallen to the lake of Gehenna. Blind eagle can you see it. The Sumerian calendar of sun worship was scattered at Babel and adopted by every empire to Rome. The same dates and names of the fallen angels can be seen translated. Mithraism was imposed by mandatory decree, the canon changing, by example: the day of the Saturn for the day of Yahweh to Sunday - resurrection day of the sol, the first fruits of resurrection by Yahshua, December 25th, resurrection day of Astarte, fertility of Nimrod for Sukkot, Tabernacles and birth of Yashua., to put his Tabernacle and its glory among us. Thus they kept His calendar and festivals divine so that they cannot know the times and signs designated to see it.

To the USA: As a drunken cheating woman you agreed with different masters to revalue your cup of abominations because to the fallen Bable (confusion) from the days of Enoch you followed instead of my then Adam. Now in confusion Babel you will follow the son of perdition to the burning abyss. For the fallen shall fall again. For a small number of powerful people have maintained blood pacts with the children of the fallen exvigilantes: the Raphaim, the Nephilim, the demon shifters for millenia until the USA was born of the cult of fertility. Obelisks and pyramids are symbols of sexual immorality. Elohim expands his terrible anger of fire because they choose the son of Lucifer to rule humanity instead of ben Adam ben Elohim, true divine and human head for human race ( John chapter 1 ). It is the seed of the same that he wanted to substitute by usurping the throne of Mashiach. He is the seed of the same one that he wanted to substitute usurping the throne of Yahweh millions of years before creation. This begetting of yours imitate with the same spirit, that is, to replace Yahushua Mashiach and the only physical divine throne on earth, his holy ark on this mount and temple jerusalem.

To the USA: To my few thousand faithful to the eternal covenant, the one who hears and understands: There are things that have been put into action that can no longer be stopped by any man. So, come back to learn. If you do not empty your cup of centuries of teachings for the perdition of the fallen,who were called holy days, among those who continue to strike me for the nations and if not awake and eat and drink of appointed times, how can you distinguish my return? But do count by times and half times of 70 weeks as you will know and will remain until before the last week when the last shofar sounds right after the great sign in the center of the sky. The time of the birth pangs is here and it will not be long till the last desperate call of the angels over the USA. Let my children leave."
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