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TOPIC: Letter to a Christian

Letter to a Christian 6 years 6 months ago #3590

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Hi All:

This a copy of a letter I wrote a Christian lady a while back, you might find it interesting, I hope so.

Hi Terry:

A few more notes than I had earlier intended.  

The Feast of Unleavened Bread

Most of us when we think of the Feast of Unleavened Bread, think mainly about ‘Passover’  while little is understood about the actual feast itself.

It has become and is for the most part understood as ‘Ritual.’

Whereas the truth of the matter is this:  There is no more powerful spiritual experience offered to us at this time.  The fulfillment of Unleavened bread is ‘Resurrection’  Let’s remember that Yahshua was raised from the dead on the third day of this feast.

Let’s understand that this feast is powerfully prophetic of events that should be taking place in our immediate lifetime, It is a 'Paradigm Shift' in our relationship with YHVH .  Whether corporately or individually is entirely up to YHVH.  But whether it is a group or an individual it is nevertheless an open door to fully entering into the Kingdom.

Tragically, Christianity has for the most part utterly forsaken this feast.  Today Pentecost is all that matters, ‘do you speak in tongues?’  ‘No? Then you need a Pentecostal experience.’  Or so we are told.

Let’s also remember that the real Covenant is inward. Jer 31:31  “I will write my Law in your heart and put it into your mind.’  Mind/ Which loosely translated is this ‘My Torah shall be your consciousness’  ‘upon your heart’  you will love it, it will be one of your great joys, your great wonder.  We do those things that are written upon our heart.  ‘A good man out of the good treasure of his heart brings forth Good things.  An evil man out of his heart brings forth evil things.’

Here’s the gist, we don’t really know exactly what’s in us.  We are often surprised when something comes out of us that makes us feel the great chagrin.  We don’t often know why we do this or why we do that.  However Our FAther does.  Which brings us to the point.

When this feast is done ‘In Faith’ as unto YHVH, knowing that as you do your part, He will do His part.
So what’s your part?  Get the leaven out of your house.  Then eat unleavened Bread/Truth.   Really simple, eh?  Well it’s suppose to be.  Your take care of your house and He will take care of His house.  You are His house.  

Leaven is simply this:  That which is not TRUTH.  Remember David said ‘Give me TRUTH in my inward parts.’  So when you get the leaven out of your house what you are doing ‘prophetically is this:  You are typing out if you will, removing from life all falsehood, every lie you ever swallowed, all the untruth that has misguided your every waking hour.  So you are taking all that ‘puffed up bread’ and removing it.

Then YHVH will do it too, HE will do the same thing within HIS HOUSE, which is you.

Doesn’t sound all that exciting at this point yet, does it?  Well the Truth is Holy Spirit and the Holy Spirit is the Truth.  When David wanted to build the Temple, it was called ‘The House for the Name of YHVH.  Remember that!  When Solomon dedicated the ‘The House for the NAME of YHVH, The Glory of YHVH was so intense that nobody could stand.  It’s the same thing with this feast.  YHVH is cleansing His house in order to put His Name there.

When Moses wanted to see the Glory of YHVH, YHVH stood by Moses and declared HIS NAME, YHVH.  Because His Name is His Glory.

We have not been filled with the Glory of YHVH because we haven’t followed the prophetic guidelines for enabling this to happen.  Like David bringing the Ark to Jerusalem, at first David did it his way.  What happened?  Tragedy!!!!  Uzzah/Church was split in two.  Why?  They did their own way.  All we like sheep have gone astray, each to his own way.

So after that David went back to the instructions and did it the way YHVH had instructed through Moses.

Sometimes we think that ‘knowing His Name’ is the same thing as having His Name written within us.  By that I mean, having the peripheral knowledge of His Name.  Or rather we know what it is mentally.

Yahshua said ‘Father I have declared your Name. That the love wherewith you have loved me may be in them and I in them.  From this you can see that when the Son declares the Father's Name that, that is when the love of YHVH is shed abroad in our hearts.  And that is when the Son really takes up residence within us.

In Aramaic the word ‘logos’  has the connotation of this: MANIFESTATION.
When the Son declares the NAME of YHVH to us, it comes via MANIFESTATION or as MANIFESTATION.

‘In the beginning was the MANIFESTATION and the MANIFESTATION was with God and MANIFESTATION was God.

So what we want is the MANIFESTATION of the Feast of Unleavened Bread.  Yahshua/MANIFESTATION is the Unleavened Bread.  The true Bread.

This what He was referring to when He said ‘I AM the True Bread.

Let’s remember that the disciples spent 3 feasts of Unleavened Bread with Yahshua before they fully experienced it.

This is why Yahshua said to them ...before...they received the Holy Spirit.  “Now are you made clean through the Word that I have spoken to you.’  

They did Unleavened Bread before they did Pentecost.  It should be that way with us too.  But we got the horse before the cart.  Which is why we don’t see those ‘greater works’ like we are supposed to.

By the way, Pentecost was also called the feast of weeks, but weeks is also called OATHS.  This was when Israel swore the OATH of the Covenant.

Likewise many of us have assumed that we are automatically in the Covenant by virtue of the company we keep/Church.  Not so.  Every Covenant is mono y mono, one on one.  Face to face.  I make this Covenant personally and so should everyone rather than relying on some form of osmosis.  This is a contract that is entered into individually.

I do this and YHVH does that.  It is not a Testament.  It is a contract, a Covenant.  There is a huge difference.  In order for a testament to come into effect someone has to be dead.  Excuse me, but Yahshua is not dead.  To automatically assume that because He was in the grave for 3 days and nights does in no way shape or form entitle us to be his heirs.  I don’t want to be His heir, because I don’t want him dead.  He did not come to give us a testament, He came to be the Covenant.  “I will give You as a Covenant.’  This Covenant/Yahshua is the Law written in our hearts  and in our minds.
Think about this way His Word/MANIFESTATION is written in our heart when we do it HIS WAY.
This begins with the Passover and the Feast of Unleavened Bread.  These are to be experiential.  And they will be when we do it HIS WAY.

And it’s so simple, It’s like you mean, Heavenly Father, that if I take the leaven/yeast out of my house, apartment/ RV or whatever we live in, Then just simply eat unto YOU the unleavened bread, then You’ll blast out the inward leaven with the Holy Spirit, WOW!

Having been through this experientially all I can say is that there are no words given to men that can adequately describe this experience.  WOW is about as close as I can get.

When Joshua entered the land/Kingdom of Heaven, guess what?  After crossing the Jordan, the first thing they did was to get circumcised and then they did The Feast of Unleavened Bread, and of course all this happened before the Walls of Jericho came down.  Before they opened a can ‘whoop’ on the Canaanites.  They got the leaven out of their tents and YHVH got the leaven out of His Land.

So here we have such a knowing that when we pray for someone to have their ‘Pentecostal experience’ i.e getting Baptized in the Holy Spirit, we know it’s going to happen.  We know when it does happen, cuz that person is some kind of ‘lit up.’

Well, you aint seen nothing yet Baby,  when we have ‘Unleavened Experience’ you’re not only ‘lit up’  ‘you’re caught up!’  Not just for a moment or two, think about getting caught up for a week.  Yeah, that’s right,  better get plenty of sleep before hand cuz when it happens you won’t be sleeping too much for that week.  Folks don’t sleep too much in Heaven.  It’s like you can look at an open Bible and walk right through the portal of the Word.  It takes a little getting used to.

My wife was a little freaked out during this time, cuz when you’re walking in both realms simultaneously, you might seem a little whacky at times.  Like I say, it takes a little getting used to.

Eating fruit was particularly interesting, especially oranges.  I started calling it ‘fire fruit’
Bet you’re curious about that aren’t you?  I’m glad I stayed away from hot peppers.  Although it may have been pretty exciting.  You see food takes on whole different properties.  You kind of experience it while you eat it.  And it’s like there’s a ‘revvy’ in the fruit that you eat.  Makes it real exciting to experiment.  

Now I might add, that you are in both realms at the same time.  Remember how Yahshua said to Nicodemus ‘...the Son of Man who is in Heaven…’  He said this standing right there looking at him.  So you see Yahshua walked both realms at the same time.  And we are suppose to do that also.  But we haven’t really known how to get there.  Cuz way back some idiot had the bright idea of throwing out the Law/Torah which really just means the ‘instructions of Life.’  But of course in reality it’s LIFE AND LIGHT.  That’s what that thing called the Law really is...the instructions of LIGHT AND LIFE.  It’s the TRUE LIGHT and ETERNAL LIFE.  And sheesh, it’s thrown out, tossed on the trash heap.  And we sit back and wonder why things are not the way they are supposed to be.  So many of us walk around like chickens with their heads cut off and never figure out why we keep bumping into bad news all the time.  

You know I used to compare the Law/Torah with Isa 53, and when we realize that Yahshua is the LAW, then we realize that we did the same thing that the Jews did, threw Him on the trash heap/Golgotha.  

And again it’s like under the reign of Josiah when the Book of the Law was found after several decades lying in the ruins of the Temple.   Well that’s kind of like us, isn’t it.  We have become the ruins of Temple, because the Book of the Law was forsaken, ignored and lost.

So think about it, The parting of the Red Sea happened on the first day of Unleavened Bread.

Joshua holds the feast before entering the the land/Kingdom of Heaven.

Yahshua is resurrected in the middle of the feast.

YHVH is really trying to tell us something.  

For so long we were so mistakenly taught that Yahshua fulfilled the ‘Law’ so that we don’t have to.   OMG!  Why would we not want the Law fulfilled in us.  HE IS THE LAW.

I think if folks could rearrange their brains and say it like this, ‘Think not that have come to destroy the LIGHT and the LIFE nor the prophets,  I have not come to destroy the LIGHT  and the LIFE but to fulfill it.’  By the way, the word fulfill here is ‘Pleroo’  it means to overflow like a fountain.  You know like ‘my cup runneth over.’  it’s the same thing.

So that’s actually when understood properly is big time shouting ground, big time ‘Good News.
Just think, if He came to destroy the law like we were taught, then Pentecost would be an illegal activity on the part of the Holy Spirit.  But nobody in their right mind would ever dare make such a claim and nor should they.  But if He destroyed the law on the cross like we're told, then why do we tithe, why do we worship, why do we feed the hungry, why do we give drink to the thirsty?  I think you get the point.  Mat 25 is the heart of ‘love your neighbor as yourself.’  Which is the second great commandment of the law/Torah.

Sorry didn’t mean to sermonize.  The point is the Feast of Unleavened Bread and it’s power house fulfillment in us when we do it HIS WAY.

Think of it this way, these feasts, all of them, are YHVH’s way of transformation on a mega scale.  It goes right into the ‘Elijah shall come and restore all things as written by the Holy Prophets.  Say what...?

We were all taught that these feasts symbolize Yahshua and yes that’s true, however, HE is the WORD/Logos/Manifestation.  So when and I know that you already know this, so when this Word, i.e. The feast is made manifest, it is made manifest in you.  You become the manifested feast.  You are being transformed into the Word of YHVH, you are becoming the WORD made flesh. So this why it is OH SO important to beware of the leaven of Pharisees.  If we just do the feast according to ritualistic tradition it is powerless.  Why?  Because we are following man if we do it that way.  We say well this is how it was done in the ancient times according to this people that we are following.
However when at anytime has this people ever enjoyed the fulfilling of the feast?
So you see it’s not with all the religious trappings that Unleavened Bread finds it’s fulfillment.  

When YHVH gets the leaven out of His house, He does it like this, From bottom to top, you are day by day filled with the ever growing extremely white light of the Spirit of Truth.  Absolute truth, pure and undefiled.  Yes you can literally see it, feel it. You are so incredibly caught up to such a high place that it actually feels as if you are ten thousand miles above the earth all the while with your feet still here.  For me it was pretty scary at first.  About the last thing you want to do is to open your mouth and speak, cuz at that point you are experiencing what it’s like to one with Father and Son.  Think of how terrified Moses was when he entered into the cloud and then you’ll have an idea of what I’m talking about.  And you wonder, ‘how could we ever abide in such a place?’  But in the midst of this you keep hearing Yahshua say, ‘just relax, it’s alright.’  He knows you’re somewhat freaked out.  I mean come on, you’re in unchartered territory.  It’s like you have to overcome your fear of heights.  But this is spiritual height.  It’s kind of like when mamma and papa eagle take the babies for a ride in the heavenlies for the first time.   The heart tends to tremble.  You see it’s also this, you are experiencing such awesome power that it seems like you’ll explode.  How can you contain such a thing?  And yet all the while you know Yahshua is smiling, He’s real happy, cuz this is your first real taste of home.  Kind of gives a whole new meaning to ‘I go to prepare a place for you, that where I AM you may be also.’

All this and much more is the Feast of Unleavened Bread.

This is the place where Father and Son come to make their abode in us.  
Well I’m getting pretty verbose here and I don’t really want to be redundant. 

I just wanted to add one more thing here.  Sometimes we think that Our Heavenly Father needs our help in finding all the leaven in our lives.  So we point out this speck and that speck and feel pretty good about about fessing up that we left a mess.  However for us it’s like trying to clean the house when it’s absolutely dark and we can’t find the lights to turn on.   So there we are trying to do it ourselves, just groping in the darkness, stumbling over a shoe, a toy, stubbing our toe on a hearth or a table.  In other words we haven’t a clue as to what we’re doing, nevertheless we are trying to help HIM out somewhat.  But HIS way is so much more efficient.  He just comes in and all the stuff scatters and flees,  and we go ‘dang, I didn’t know that was there or OMG what’s that?’  Or aaaaahhhhhh….what is that thing?  There’s a lot of places in us that we really haven’t had access to or don’t have the knowledge of how find all the hidden doors that we didn’t even know existed.
So that’s why HE makes it so simple for us to do our part.  You get the leaven or yeast out of your physical dwelling and I’ll get the leaven or yeast out of MY PHYSICAL Dwelling.
So prophetically what you are doing after you clean your house out is that you are eating the flat bread/unleavened bread.  Prophetically you are eating lots of TRUTH, LIGHT.  So understand that what you do prophetically will manifest.  

My wife says I have to work on my delivery, sometimes I’m like a bull in a china shop.  

So if I’ve said anything offensive, I didn’t mean to.

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Re:Letter to a Christian 6 years 6 months ago #3592

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This is what I call \"a letter with altitude\" :)

It can cause the reader to go to greater heights if the reader has ears to hear and eyes to see.

Excellent. Thank you for this!
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Re:Letter to a Christian 6 years 6 months ago #3593

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Wow! Rodin thank you for your words, I'm totally blessed by them, thank you.

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Letter to a Christian 11 months 2 weeks ago #13129

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Hello Truthseekers!

I felt led to visit Truthseeker forum yesterday and I'm still reading today. Some of things written 5-7 years ago, I wasn't ready for but today, wow. Hitting me in my soul.

This letter on Unleavened Bread, written by Mishayah, just profound!

Peace, Love and Mercy to All,
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Letter to a Christian 10 months 3 weeks ago #13131

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Thanks Sheraldo, I don't think anyone actually read this before, again thanks

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