Amazing Proof the Bible Code is True

Many people claim the Bible Code is false. They claim that thousand + codes speaking of historic people and events are simply "random occurances" or accidents, even though the odds against this belief are about 100 million to one against it.

A few years ago a researcher set out to disprove the Bible Code. Using a special computer program, he claimed to have found four (simple) skip codes in "MOBY DICK" such as "DIANA MURDERED". How does four simple codes in a 650+ page book compare with thousands of highly detailed codes in the Five Books of Moses, the Torah, which is only 299 pages? It doesn't but those who want to believe the Bible Code is false will grasp at any straw they can find and "Moby Dick" is their straw.

I have found a new way to prove the Bible Code is real and encoded by a super-intelligence that knows the future (GOD) and this is thru Sequencial Encoding. Basically I have discovered a historic date (for the nation of israel) encoded in sequence over 400 times in the Bible Code. I am not a mathematician, but I would guess the odds that this encoded date sequence is just a "random occurance" is over a billion to one.


To show you why the Bible Code warning of the MAY 2008 ATTACK -PHILADELPHIA- EBOLA is such a real threat, we have to understand the Bible Code and look to its past tract record.

ESCAPE666 found in the Bible Code, the original & official name of our site, ESCAPE666 BIBLE PROPHECY REVEALED

The Bible Code is actually messages encoded in the ancient Hebrew (Torah) Text, using ELS skip codes (Equidistant Letter Sequencing). These codes are real, very sophisticated and can be found with computer software designed to find skip codes.

Despite the documented fact that virtually every major, world event in the last 2000 years is found in the Bible Code including the Holocaust and the 911 Attack, many say "the bible code is fake", or "random occurances".

The odds that The Bible Code is over 250,000 random occcurances (accidents) or that the Bible encoded itself is about 200 million to one to 500 million to one. To say the Bible Code is "random" is as unbelievable as saying that DNA (codes) encoded itself in all life.

The odds that the Bible Code "just happened" would be the same as having 10,000 tiny blocks, throwing them high up into the air and having them fall to form a perfect medieval castle complete with four towers, divided rooms, a winding staircase and a moat and drawbridge.

It is very clear that a super-intelligence who could see the Future and future possibilities encoded The Bible (Torah) around 3500 AD. The Bible says that "GOD GAVE THE FIVE BOOKS TO MOSES" and now the Bible Code proves this to be correct. Moses had zero knowledge of computers, ELS codes or even electricity. In the Days of Moses, technology was a wheel and a candle.

To you how truly real the Bible Code is in a way we can all understand, we have to look to the past and the most fateful Day of Doom for the Nation of Israel, THE 9th OF AV.


9th of AV, 586 b.c., King Nebuchadnezzar {Babylon} invaded Israel and destroyed The First Temple.
9th of AV, 70 AD the Romans invaded Jerusalem and destroyed The Second Temple, Driving the Jewish People from their Homeland {Dispersia}.

9th of AV, 1290 AD, England expels all Jews.

9th of AV , 1492 AD, Spain expels all Jews.

9th of AV, 1942 a.d, the day the Nazis turned on the gas chambers at Treblinka, Poland And The Holocaust Began!

I put this fateful date, 9th of AV, 1942 (when the Holocaust started) in the Bible Code and here is what I found. The 9th of AV 1942 - HOLOCAUST, ISRAEL.

The odds that this actual date could be encoded with this event is about 50 million to one and there is far, far more. My Bible Code program only goes back as far to 1583 AD but watch this.

  I found the date: 9th of AV encoded (sequencially) in The Bible Code in virtually every year from 1583 to 1650 thru 1750 thru 1850 thru 1950- thru 1960-thru 1970- thru every single year thru 1980-1990- 2000 to 2013 AD.

SAMPLE (1): 9th of AV 1583,9th of AV 1584,9th of AV 1585, 9th of AV 1586, 9th of AV 1587, 9th of AV 1588 ,9th of AV 1589, 9th of AV 1590, 9th of AV 1591, 9th of AV 1592, 9th of AV 1593,9th of AV 1594,9th of AV 1595, 9th of AV 1597, 9th of AV 1598, 9th of AV 1599, 9th of AV 1600, 9th of AV 1601, 9th of AV 1602 (AD).

SAMPLE (2): 9th of AV 1977, 9th of AV 1978, 9th of AV 1979, 9th of AV 1980, 9th of AV 1981, 9th of AV 1982, 9th of AV 1983, 9th of AV 1984, 9th of AV 1985, 9th of AV 1986, 9th of AV 1987, 9th of AV 1988, 9th of AV 1989, 9th of AV 1990, 9th of AV 1991, 9th of AV 1992, 9th of AV 1993, 9th of AV 1994, 9th of AV 1995, 9th of AV 1996, 9th of AV 1997, 9th of AV 1998, 9th of AV 1999, 9th of AV 2000, 9th of AV 2001, 9th of AV 2002, 9th of AV 2003, 9th of AV 2004, 9th of AV 2005, 9th of AV 2006, 9th of AV 2007, 9th of AV 2008, 9th of AV 2009, 9th of AV 2010, 9th of AV 2011, 9th of AV 2012

HOW THIS CAN BE A SEQUENCE OF RANDOM ACCIDENTS? The odds that the above date is repeatedly encoded in the Bible Code as a "random occurance" is over a Billion to One if not more.

The fateful, "Day of Doom" of 9th of AV (for the nation of Israel) encoded over 400 times from every year from 1583 to 2012 AD, and by the "God of Israel".


In July of 2007, I found 9th of AV 2007 encoded with the following: PM OLMERT- ISRAEL- ASSASSINATED - GUNMAN- IN THE MORNING. (This was JULY 24 07 in our western calendar).

I believe that Israel used this code to prevent this assassination and in OCT 2007, Israel reported on world news that, "they prevented an assassination attempt on PM Olmert three months ago" which was JULY 2007 exactly as warned of in the Bible Code.

Now do you see the Bible Code is real and not a series of random accidents? Now do you see why this MAY 2008 PHILADELPHIA- EBOLA-ATTACK is such a real threat?

Once again, to say the Bible encoded itself or is a random "occurance" is to say that DNA encoded itself in all life and the universe created itself thru the chaos of the "big bang".

Conclusion: the Bible Code is real, a real warning from GOD to our computer generation today. The Bible Code sat for almost 3500 years, like a message buried in the sands of time, to be discovered 1982-1985 AD when our technology was able to discover these hidden ELS codes.

This brings us back to The MAY 2008 Bible Code predicting a terror attack on Philadelphia with Miami as a secondary target. I believe thru mass awareness, this code can be prevented as told in this code matrix itself.


note: The Hebrew Month of EYER is found in the MAY 2008 Attack Code - Philadelphia - Ebola. Eyer this year falls between MAY 06 and JUNE 03.

God Bless
Pastor Harry/CH of PHL-INT

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